commercial carpet cleaning service in Calgary, AB

Cleaning with steam generators

Cleaning carpets and carpets using steam is another matter entirely!

Through steam alone we are able to easily and safely clean all surfaces, not just carpets, in a sustainable and extremely effective way, without damaging the floors with additional chemicals or detergents  commercial carpet cleaning service in Calgary, AB

The steam is able to bring out all the dirt, debris and bacteria on the surface, dissolving them without using harmful substances . With it you avoid the deposit of chemical residues , thus obtaining brighter and cleaner surfaces.

Furthermore, reducing or completely eliminating the use of chemicals, with the related odors that they can release, allows us to satisfy those customers who are particularly sensitive to odors.

Steam is undoubtedly an effective solution for eliminating stains and grease even in confined areas. Given the modest percentage of water contained, steam cleaning causes the surfaces to dry very quickly.


Cleaning floors is one of the hardest daily tasks to do. We all agree that a clean, good-looking floor¬† makes all the difference when first entering a hotel, office or someone’s home.

The same happens when the floors are covered with rugs or carpets . Indeed, in this case, we pay even more attention, making sure that these are clean and sanitized, since it is among their fibers that mites and bacteria find the ideal environment to proliferate. Therefore, taking care of rugs and carpets is important to ensure that they remain in good condition over time .

The choice of the most suitable cleaning method will depend on the environment in which you work, the type of carpet and its quality. If we decide to use a professional machine for dry cleaning or with water, or we end up cleaning the carpet with do-it-yourself or new generation systems, all these will be personal choices.

Whatever cleaning method you adopt, this will be essential to maintain and preserve your carpet, preserving its characteristics for as long as possible .

However, if there is no label, there are also some simple specifications you can follow to get the desired result. Let yourself be guided by the material of the carpet and these very easy steps.