What are the advantages of a coworking space?

A coworking Space offers the distinct advantage that the required equipment is already in place. This saves you the cost of ergonomic office chairs, modern desks or even a large conference room. An external workplace  promotes the work-life balance of each Freelancers. So you have more space, lower operating costs and can exchange ideas with others. Furthermore, members of a serviced office from the following advantages:

Low rental costs – The costs are determined by the working hours on site and the actual use of the premises and technology.

Flexible contract design – various offers and services can be selected individually and the terms are freely selectable – so you are not caught in long contract terms.

Creative exchange – the meeting of different industries in one place enables productive and effective networking – the wealth of ideas is increased and some simple solutions are practically right next door.

Motivating working atmosphere – An open serviced office space environment creates a social component during office hours, professional and relaxed communication and generates solution-oriented insights through the transfer of knowledge.

It can be seen that small coworking spaces are a real bargain. But even if you compare the larger workplaces to the office rents, the total ancillary costs add up for your own offices. This often makes even the cheapest office rent more expensive than a coworking space. Since small office space is slowly becoming scarce in most of large cities , either a bargain or a larger investment is required – monthly.