Telugu Web Series Based On Extramarital Affairs

Cinema is said to be the reflection of society. They roll and plot some of the actual incidents that are happening outside the world. Movie and web series from Telugu Film Industry have made enough movies and web series based on extramarital affairs, lust, cheating, and other relationships. The makers are taking such issues on top-notch as a means of entertainment and making people know the different faces of this modern life. The modern and busy life has changed the perception of people and their relationships also. The makers of the film industry also share a responsibility to keep people aware of such relationships. But with the changing times, the way of presenting this genre has changed. Web series are at the top to take this genre, and the reason is liberal censorship. The OTT platforms are flooded with web series based on extramarital affairs; still, this genre is always a preference for filmmakers and audiences. Makers try to serve something fresh and different to the audience. If you are looking for Telugu web series online, Masti’s and Sin can be on your list.  

About Web series Masti’s&Sin

Web series Masti’s is a Telugu language web series based on the American sitcom Cheers. The series was released on 8th February 2020 and made under the direction of Ajay Bhuyan. It highlights the black side of the modern world and the relationships that exist between the people. It explores lust, greed, extramarital relationships, and manipulation. Adman Pranav (Navdeep), a bar owner, is married to Gowri (Bindu Madhavi). He is involved in many relationships; he attracts Lekha and also an affair with Simran. The series is of eight episodes. It narrates the story of six different characters and their relationship complexities.

Sin is seven episodes web series based on marital rape and extramarital relationship. It is directed by Naveen Medaram and produced by SharatMarar. The series was released on 25th March 2020. The story is of a man called Anand (Thiruveer Reddy) working for a social welfare department. He is a man of pervert behavior and married to Nandita (Deepti Sati). He marries her for his physical satisfaction and, on the side, having an affair with Nina (Jennifer Piccinato).

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