Things to Know About Fleet Management Market

A Business’s grey fleet refers to the group of workers’ private vehicles been employed for the business’s business journeys. Fleet management involves putting together measures, policies and procedures to manage and control the use of workers’ vehicles for work related journeys. The Majority of the Companies that set up this sort of fleet are those whose workers do not need to go on plenty of business related trips. Grey fleet is seen by many as a cost saving alternative to buying or leasing cars solely for the organization’s business related trips especially if the mileage travelled by employees for business each month or year is extremely low. For some of these firms, this is the way to go but for a few it is not. There are lots of factors which should be considered before deciding to go for the grey fleet choice rather than purchasing or leasing a few automobiles for business related trips. If the gray fleet is correctly set up and handled it may definitely cost the company a lot less than other choices.

Many people are of the opinion That managing a gray fleet only costs a business the mileage expense claims made by motorists for each journey they make and that companies are not liable for the employees when they are using their personal cars for business. These are enormous misconceptions as the company typically is not just responsible for the workers when they are using their private cars but generally have to put these workers’ cars on the business’s insurance and handle them like the business owns them.

A gray fleet manager or Management software may be necessary depending on the size of the fleet. If it is a small-sized fleet, a fleet supervisor who will be responsible for handling everything regarding the fleet may be enough as in many cases good use of Microsoft excel is sufficient for handling all grey fleet related information. Where the fleet is a large one, fleet market software will have to handle all of data linked to workers’ vehicles. There are some significant things that need to be considering when determining whether your organization should set up this sort of fleet. First thing you need to Consider is how your organization intends to handle the gray fleet, Policies will need to be put in place to make sure both the driver and the provider’s security and compliance to road rules. This may be accomplished by ensuring license tests, vision checks; driver risk assessment, online driver training, vehicle safety inspections, MOT checks and insurance checks are regularly carried out on all drivers and their vehicles.